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    - Trudi LoPreto

    Secrets to a Creative Mind: Become the Master of Your Mind” by David Judd Nutting is a book that will touch you deep down in your soul. This book will help you find the secrets and the knowledge buried deep inside your head. You will learn how to reach your subconscious and find things that have long been buried. Nutting teaches us how Quantum Physics plays a role in our conscious mind. Transempirical is a new word that we will come to understand along with Thought Talk, your quantum self and neuro empathic tingle. “Secrets to a Creative Mind” will answer questions like: Who am I, why am I here? What is my place in the scheme of things? Each chapter ends with a Rap-Rhyme that summarizes and helps you remember the lesson learned in that chapter and each lesson is worth learning.

    David Judd Nutting has given us a book that offers an invaluable opportunity to learn how to improve our body mind and spirit. “Secrets to a Creative Mind” will become your go to book for those inner questions facing us at every turn of ourlives. This is a book for all ages, teens through senior citizens, and each will come away with a better understanding of themselves. Nutting tells us how to go to sleep at night and not lie awake worrying about our problems, how to go to sleep and find an answer to our problems. If you are going to read a self- help book, this is the one, it will become the foundation for all sell-help books.. “SECRETS to a CREATIVE MIND” is a five star -“how did I ever live without this information” kind of book that you will want to share with all of your family and friends. Read it Today!

    Reviewer’s Bookwatch: July 2013

    Midwest Book Review
    278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575

    Secrets to a Creative Mind- Become the Master of Your Mind
    Author: David Judd Nutting

    Engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur David Judd Nutting presents Secrets to a Creative Mind: Become the Master of Your Mind, a guide to improving one’s creative thinking skills. Drawing upon the latest neurological knowledge, and offering techniques such as “Thought Talk” to engage in a “conversation” with one’s own subconscious mind, Secrets to a Creative Mind is packed with tips, tricks, and techniques for expanding one’s imagination and approaching everyday problems from new angles. “….multitasking is the enemy of a creative mind. Total focus is a key feature of a creative mind. Multitasking confuses the brains neural network. The mind of a genius multitasks one focus at a time. With complete mind control, the mind of a genius maintains complete focus on a thought, and then jumps to the next Thought Focus.” A brief yet inspirational tip manual, Secrets to a Creative Mind is especially invaluable to anyone who makes a living based on their creative capabilities.
    Michael J. Carson

    WOW! ***** July 4, 2013

    By: Vicki Worthington (
    This review is from: Secrets to a Creative Mind: Become the Master of your Mind. (Paperback)

    David Judd Nutting’s Secrets to a Creative Mind is nothing short of phenomenal. This was such an exciting and intriguing read, especially for a non-fiction book, that I didn’t want it to end. I learned how Mr. Nutting became such an incredible Industrial Designer and engineer who literally changed life as we knew it (back when we didn’t even know what that meant). And he actually teaches the reader how to access his or her own creative processes. He also includes and explanation of quantum physics that’s written in a way that I could actually understand it. Yes, we are from the stars ( somehow I have known that for years but couldn’t quite understand how or why and now I knew), The only difficult time I had reading this book came from my own feelings of awe, feeling as if I were in the presence of someone so gifted, someone I never even knew existed until now. Mr. Nutting designed, created, and invented so many things that paved the way for our present technologies. Some of those inventions, when you find out what they are, will actually make your mouth fall open. I am both honored and blessed to have read this book. I highly recommend it! VW

    Secrets to a Creative Mind: Become the Master of Your Mind

    Reviewed by Christine Watson January 2013

    I have to admit that “Secrets to a Creative Mind :Become the Master of Your Mind” by David Judd Nutting was not an “easy” read for me. I was very interested in the content, however, and learned a tremendous amount of valuable information regarding the human brain and how it works.

    In this book, Nutting talks about quantum physics, transempirical reality, the complementary principle, the quantum self and more. It is a bit intimidating for my simple mind, but I was able to develop a better understanding of all of these terms, and make a few connections that I never would have learned had I not read this book. He describes the brain, including the conscious and subconscious, and he uses a phrase called “Thought Talk,” where one has the power to influence and guide one’s subconscious mind to achieve one’s ultimate dream. Nutting suggests that through purposeful and focused meditation, it is possible to connect with the subconscious, where problems can be solved using stored memories. This is what leads to tapping into our creative minds.

    Nutting says that creativity is “the ability to take known and established events and rearrange them into a new meaningful order.” He shares many examples from his personal life about using his creativity and tapping into his “Thought Talk,” and how he was very successful practicing these skills. As an industrial engineer, he was instrumental in early video game development as well as designing the first SUV (Jeep Grand Wagoneer), among other significant accomplishments. The most significant nugget I took away from this book is that the brain needs to be challenged and learn new things regularly to maintain strength. Without new challenges, the brain can suffer.

    I recommend “Secrets to a Creative Mind: Become the Master of Your Mind” by David Judd Nutting to anyone who is interested in learning more about how the brain works and the connection we all have with quantum physics. I plan to implement the suggestions Nutting offers in this book in the hopes of improving my own creativity that is ready to be released in my brain.

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    David Nutting’s latest book,” Secrets to a Creative Mind” combines deep seated principles from both science and spirituality which combine naturally to help wake up the often dormant side of our minds – especially in the fields of creativity. He achieves his goal by utilizing and providing vivid examples of his own remarkable experiences as a designer, inventor, builder of projects (like his own helicopter) and lifetime of brilliant thinking, bordering on genius.

    Combining the almost unlimited potential of mastering the crossover of right and left brain, David Nutting helps his reader to explore and expand their horizons and achieve results that previously they never thought possible.

    Important for the reader who seeks personal advancement and growth in both creative and practical ways, this book is short, full of real examples and easy to read and assimilate. For anyone with an open mind or creative urge to succeed I can recommend this book as one which will provide instant and lasting benefit for the reader and all he/she comes in contact with. We all need to think creatively and this book sets us on that hallowed path, with clear intention and guaranteed results.

    Kelvin B Kent
    Ex-British Army Commander, renowned expert in expedition logistics, successful small businessman, community leader and fundraiser. Author of “What Really Counts – Leadership for Life.”


    A successful Industrial Designer with a prolific career offers insights for tapping into the mind’s creative power.

    Nutting (Language of Nature,2005) analyzes the creative process using his own Industrial Design experiences as examples. With a career spanning 55 years, which included designing everything from arcade games to cookware to the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Nutting has plenty of experiences to formulate his analysis. This slim volume doesn’t outline a step-by-step process for achieving creativity as much as it explains the inner workings of the brain. It contains a clear, concise and understandable explanation of memory and how it works. The discussions of Quantum Physics, the creation of the universe and the life and function of atoms are equally straightforward and lucid. These sections are the book’s main strengths: making complex scientific concepts comprehensible. Connecting these concepts to the creative process and explaining how understanding them can improve one’s ability to master one’s own mind is not quite as apparent. Nutting describes “Thought Talk”, a meditative state that stimulates the subconscious mind, as a way tapping into the mind’s full potential. The book could have done without the inclusion of “Rap-Rhymes”, which are short couplets of rhyme meant to help readers remember important concepts. Inserted in the midst of this succinct text, they are distracting and, in some cases, silly. Nutting ends the book with a “Postface,” and the purpose of this section is even less clear than the Rap-Rhymes; He describes what “might have been” if only someone had listened to his ideas of a universal operating system. Instead, his efforts were sidelined by those whom Nutting believes were shortsighted men, so it was Bill Gates, not Nutting who emerged as king of personal computing. Given the many notable accomplishments that Nutting recounts in the book, it makes a negative epitaph for an otherwise illustrious career.

    Nutting clearly explains the science behind the power of creativity!