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    The Genius Mind

    For centuries, scientists and psychologists have sought to unravel the secrets

    The Genius Mind Is Focused Meditation

    The term Meditation encompasses a broad variety of practices that have evolved over the centuries intimately bound up with religious content. Meditation in the religious sense aims to sustain a single-pointed concentration meant to enable the practitioner to enjoy an indestructible sense of well-being. Meditation turns out to be a natural God given function of the human brain. Remember when you found yourself daydreaming. Daydreaming is when you are totally focused on a past happy experience or it could be that sports car you just saw envisioning yourself in the driver seat. Daydreaming is a mental state when your 5 senses are inactive, totally shut down and your active conscious state is totally focused one thought or objective or focused meditation.

    Meditation of the genius mind is a controlled state of daydreaming. Just as you learned to walk and talk you can teach your own mind to deactivate your own five senses. For some people they will teach themselves quickly, for most others a little longer. This is a natural process that takes great self-discipline and practice and more practice over a long period of time. It is like a professional athlete that practices their moves over and over so they become automatic. To establish your life’s purpose and set your goals in life, start with one totally focused thought. To become master of your mind you meditate with a purpose, a goal, not a mindfulness meditation to relieve stress or a state of psychophysical relaxation. The genius mind has trained itself to instantly shut down all five senses and focus on one objective and then to instantly turn back on all five senses. No inputs from the eyes or sounds from your ears to confused the brains neural network. You can be in a state when all five senses are operational to all events around you yet your brain is not recording these inputs. The master on-off switch is located within the inner brain. I have studied some geniuses like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein and discovered focus meditation came to them naturally and unknowingly. In some humans it comes naturally but you can also train your brain to shut down all five senses. There is no one method to achieve focused meditation that would apply to everyone, you must fine your own solution but most importantly you know it is possible to train your mind to become a genius.

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