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    Renowned Entrepreneur:

    DAVID NUTTING reveals the secrets he has learned about the creative mind in his five decades inventing and designing everything from the first SUV to the first personal computer.

    September 28, 2012 – Denver, CO, and Green Valley, AZ – Successful inventor, designer, engineer and author David Judd Nutting announced today the release of Secrets to a Creative Mind, Become the Master of Your Mind, published by Outskirts Press. Nutting takes readers into a mental and spiritual world never before discovered as he reveals the secrets and the power of the human mind and how anyone can use it and enjoy it and become its master.

    With over five decades of successful entrepreneurial creativity, Nutting has lived what he now has chosen to preach in this unique look at the inner workings of the creative mind. As readers progress through this concise, fascinating look at creativity, they will begin to discover an inner world they never knew existed.

    Nutting opens a new window to the inner self, the soul, and its discovery will awaken a fresh spirituality, itself the wellspring of creativity, which readers can use to tap into a secret world within themselves which they’ve never known they could experience. Readers will learn how to give instructions "THOUGHT TALK" to their subconscious mind on their goals in life and they’ll see how that the subconscious mind will make those goals happen.

    Readers will also be educated in the ways of Nutting’s NEURO EMPATHIC TINGLE, a phenomenon unique to each individual and from which arises true aesthetic pleasure. Simply put, it is what turns one on.

    Readers will find, then, that they can forge their minds into whatever they want them to be and enjoy the experience and the outcome of doing so.

    Unlike some self-help guides, Secrets to a Creative Mind is not an ethereal flight of fancy or a purely theoretical untried set of principles. Nutting knows whereof he speaks. He himself has been the creative juice behind such innovative projects as the Bally Arcade, the first SUV- Jeep Grand Wagoneer, the Enstrom helicopter, a plethora of world famous video games, and a list of other modern inventions too lengthy to specify here.

    It took a creative mind such as Nutting’s, not a scientific one, to understand creativity itself and this new treatise uncovers its essence.