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    History: David Judd Nutting

    Born: 26 December 1930-Chicago, Illinois

    1930 to 1946 River Forest, Ill—three brothers—father, VP Marshall Field &Co
    1946 to 1949 Culver Military Academy
    1949 to 1951 Denison University -Gambier Ohio
    1951 to 1955 Pratt Institute Brooklyn NY, BA in Industrial Design

    1955 to 1957 commissioned as a 2cd Lt US Army Corps of Engineers Stationed Fort Belvoir, Va, joined the 87 Engineer Construction Battalion as the Adjutant. The battalion went to Fort Churchill Canada to build rocket launch facilities for the IGY (International Geophysical Year 1957-1958) program to research the Northern Lights.

    1957 Joined the Industrial Design consulting firm of Brooks Stevens Associates. Nutting quickly became Brooks’ lead designer in the design of Evinrude Outboard Motors, Mirro cookware, Bolens tractors, Kearney Trecker Milwaukeematic, 3M Tape dispensers, Allen Bradly switch boxes, Studebaker Hawk and for Willys Motors in 1961 Nutting designed the first SUV the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Nutting helped found Enstrom Helicopters and designed the original F-28.

    1967 Nutting created his own manufacturing group-Nutting Industries. Nutting found himself in the coin amusement industry when he invented a question and answer game the-IQ Computer. The game was extremely successful so Nutting left Brooks Stevens and began to create new coin operated amusement games, U Boat, Red Baron, Desert fox, Flying Ace and the Safe. Nutting and his team branched out as Milwaukee Coin and created 22 Red Baron Amusement game rooms throughout the country. Nuttings’ talent was creating and inventing new games systems and new amusement games not running game rooms. In 1972 Dave Nutting Associates became R&D consultants to Bally/Midway Mfg.

    1972 Nutting learns that Intel was developing a four bit chip that they referred to as a microprocessor. Nutting instantly recognized the future potential in the game amusement industry. He was able to get one of the original development systems from Intel and developed the first microprocessor pinball game for Bally. The current electromechanical pin balls immediately became obsolete and Bally took command of the industry going from 20 million in sales in 1975 to 200 million in annual sales. The rest of the industry copied the Nutting design. Nutting expanded his team and now focused to create the first microprocessor video game hardware system using the new Intel eight bit processor. Nutting virtually pioneered the video game industry. The Midway division went from annual sales of 15 million to a high of 500 million. Some of the more famous games Nutting created were Gunfight, Seawolf, Wizard of Wor, Gorf, Tron, Baby Pacman pin, and Professor Pacman. Nutting also introduced to Bally the first video slot machine. Nutting now expanded his creative team up to 30 young electrical and software engineers so Dave Nutting Associates became DNA University. In 1979 the Nutting group created the first personal computer marketed as the Bally Arcade. They even looked into connecting all Bally Arcades over phone lines. (the future internet)

     1983 Bally upper management decided to now focus on Casino’s and their Bally Fitness Centers and sell off all amusement game operations. Nutting disbanded the DNA team and moved to Colorado and focus on his desire to thoroughly understand the world of Quantum Physics.

    Quantum Physics explains nature’s creative process. Nutting has had a lifetime passion to understand nature’s creative process and how it relates to the human creative process. After several decades, in 2005 he published a book “Language of Nature – Quantum World Revealed”. Back in the 1960’s and 70’s with his incredible success inventing and designing products Nutting began to reverse engineer his own creative mind and discovered that he was actually training his mind to be successful, He Became master of his own mind. The procedures that he developed were tested out on various projects and most of the time they worked as had planned, so he began to fine tune. In preparation to writing his new book on becoming the master of your mind, he spent many years studying the brain to verify that all findings were correct and verifiable. He discovered many inner secrets to the human brain that our neural scientists’ had not uncovered. It takes a creative mind to explain a creative mind not an erudite scholar. He discovered the transempirical world that has been hiding from us all ……….for centuries.

    A genius is not born with a genius mind; you train the mind to become a genius. Just as you trained your predictive mind to walk and talk and ride a two wheel bike, the human mind can train the conscious mind of the five senses to turn off instantly and back on instantly. This becomes a state of meditation just like when we daydream. With the senses turned off, the concscious mind of thought and reason now become totally focused on one thought. Nutting emerges as the Leonardo Da Vinci of the 20th/21st century. He discovered the inner workings of the human creative mind by reverse engineering his own mind.

    These new revelations are exposed in Nuttings’ book “Secrets to a Creative Mind-Become the Master of Your Mind”