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    Protect Your Invention or Brand With a Patent, Trademark or Copyright
    Category: Weekly Thoughts

    A patent is an exclusive right given to the inventor by the government to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a given number of years. However, you first have to know which type of patent to file. They can be separated into design and utility.

    A design patent protects the looks factor of an invention. This design, appearance makes this invention different and unique from the rest. Once you get done filing your invention will be marked as "Patent Pending". To issue a utility patent the first step is to convert a provisional application to a non provisional patent application.

    A provisional application protects how your invention is made or works. This is generally less expensive but gets expensive if you're considering converting it to non-provisional application. The time period that is allotted to make this conversion is 12 months from the date of filing for a provisional application. The filing process has become simpler with the online patent application facility. You have to file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

    On conversion remember that added claims have to be supported by original disclosure in the provisional application. If you don't disclose claims, there can be major consequences. A utility application has a term of 17-18 years from the date of issue. The patent search option is steadily gaining importance. The first benefit is that it ensures total protection for your invention. Secondly, it will save a lot of time and money towards the application process. This is a means of ensuring that the filing process is in your best interest.
    Few other related services that help protecting your invention include trademarks and copyrights. A trademark is used to protect a brand name. A trademark can include any symbol, word, name that helps to distinguish one seller from another. For any help, intellectual property attorneys will help draft, prepare and file your trademark with the USPTO.

    A copyright protects the original work of the creator. The creator will have exclusive rights generally for a limited time. Incase his or her work is being used then the creator has to be credited. Anyone who financially benefits, adapts need to inform the creator. A copyright is a form of intellectual property applicable to information or ideas. Get the assistance of experienced attorneys in the preparation and filing of copyrights to avoid common mistakes and consequences. So fully secure your invention or brand with a copyright or trademark.
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    Posted by Chris S. on 10/31/2013